(aka nilleb)

Consultant in Computer Science, applied to Knowledge Management.

I can help when you feel that you have a lot of information, but you struggle to get knowledge out of it.

Somebody wrote once that Data is 21st Century Oil.

My customers feel like they have a huge amount of data - based on tens of years of experience. But they struggle to find relevant knowledge out of it. They complain about time consuming processes and about the difficulty to onboard new employees.

My work is to find ways to refine this corporate data into knowledge, so to bring insights to all the employees.

I am generally allergic to the improper usage of the word AI. On the opposite, I love statistics, natural language processing (NLP), large language models (LLMs), vector databases, search engines.

I create Web applications with Python and React. I use Terraform to spin off the required resources on GCP, Azure or AWS. I can help when defining the architecture and infrastructure of a Web Application. I leverage AI models capabilities to provide semantic search and retrieval-augmented-generation services.

Find me at the address ivo (at) nilleb (dot) com.

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